Highlight what inspires you

You have carefully chosen your decoration. Do not ruin everything with banal shelves.

So long ugly brackets !

What makes the beauty of sliced shelves is their apparent simplicity. A well proportioned parallelepiped made with a raw material without artifice.
We did not want to ruin it with brackets. So we scratch our heads to design an invisible hanging system.
We are proud of the result.

Concrete is present with its bubbles and micro-cracks as we like them. It is carefully sanded for a soft and pleasant touch.

We love to place them in every room

Our shelves are treated with a water and oil repellent solution (protection against grease). Don’t be afraid to use them in a kitchen or bathroom or to display plants.
They are stain resistant and very easy to clean.

30 - 60 - 90 - 120

Used solo, you will find the shelf length that fits the wall and the use you have in mind.
Combine these concrete shelves to reveal their visual power. The four sizes of our shelves, all multiples of 30 cm, allow combinations with a rhythm inspired by the Bauhaus school to realize a sculptural wall decoration.

Now is the time to think about your interior decoration.

Easy to install

Our invisible hooking system is very easy to install.
Some dowels (adapted to your wall), screws and voila.
For instance, the XL shelf can support up to 7 kg of objects even on a plasterboard wall.