Who says concrete furniture is cold?

Shooting session #08 // Autumn pictures

When it’s cold and wet outside, we all love to get inside a cosy home.
It may surprise you, but concrete furniture and accessories can give a warm and modern look to your interior design.

Let’s convince you with these pictures of our concrete products.

Photos: Aurélie Rolland

Lyon Béton concrete furniture featured in this shooting session

  • Furniture - Stool -

    Edge – Stool

  • Furniture - Stool -

    Edge – Wheels & Rope Stool

  • Furniture - Coffee Table -

    Monobloc – Rectangular Coffee Table with wheels


Lyon Béton concrete accessories featured in this shooting session

  • Concrete Accessories - Flower pot -

    Nuclear plant – L Flower Pot

  • Concrete Accessories - Flower pot -

    Nuclear plant – XL Flower Pot

  • Accessories - Magazine rack -

    Doc – Magazine Rack

  • Concrete book ends brain

    Gray Matters – Book Ends

  • Accessories - Stem vase -

    Pipeline – L Stem Vase

  • Accessories - Stem vase -

    Pipeline – M Stem Vase

  • Accessories - Stem vase -

    Pipeline – S Stem Vase

  • Concrete Accessories - Flower pot -

    Nuclear Plant – S Flower Pot

  • Concrete Accessories - Flower pot -

    Nuclear plant – M Flower Pot


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At Stamtich

Céline and Nicolas welcomed us with our concrete chairs and concrete furniture for an great shooting session in their lovely café/restaurant where Alsace's food meets Lyon's culture. One of the best address in this neighborhood. Our concrete chairs and bar stools fits...


We already told you how easy it is to use our concrete storage collection PLUS to create a modern design in your home. But it was time to try it by ourself and do a reality check of the versatility of this concrete furniture that we had promised. So we bring a large...

Chez Yann

Our friend and architect Yann let us invade his modern, yet vintage, interior design appartement for a short shooting session of some of our concrete furniture and accessories. Once again concrete furnitures and accessories make a great effect when mixed with vintage...

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