Dice – M Storage Module


The perfect concrete storage module to organize your space by creating a side table, a coffee table or a side table.
Combine several modules, thanks to our rubber connectors, and you will be able to create more ambitious bespoke furniture: shelves, large coffee table, counter, room divider, display for a shop…
Let’s play with it!

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Make your own HIFI furniture

The DICE system has been designed with HIFI lovers in mind. To be honest, we've done it for us 🙂
The inside volume is perfect to store your vinyl records collection. More records? Just add one more module.

You can create your own furniture by combining modules. Therefore you will have a bespoke media unit for your TV, your HIFI system and whatever you wanna store around: books, drinks, skateboard...

It's your furniture. Take the ownership on it. Make it yourself!


This cube can be used alone to create a side table, a bedside or even a stool. But its power is revealed when it is combined with other modules.


The rectangular module is twice as large as the square one plus a little extra to ensure an elegant gap when combined together. It may be used to store books, media unit, tableware...

The magic connectors

Wondering how our Dice modules hold together with perfection?

Introducing the magic rubber connectors !

These pieces of rubber are specially designed to hold together the concrete modules. When you assemble 2 cubes, they literally snap together as if they were magnetized. Thanks to the relative flexibility of rubber, your custom furniture won't move even if you bump it. We could almost say that's earthquake proof.

The connectors also ensure a perfect and homogeneous spacing between the cubes. There is even semi connectors to keep this gracious spacing between the concrete modules and any board you may use to create a shelf.

Meet the designer

Alexandre Dubreuil

After several years working in internationals renowned design agencies, Alexandre Dubreuil founded his own design studio in 2012. He works on a large range of projects, from industrial design to limited edition pieces, from art direction to the complete follow up of spaces design project.

The collaborations and projects diversity lead him to see design in global way of thinking. He focuses on simplifying the interactions between humans and spaces or objects. The object speak by itself, intuitive use, obvious shape towards the quest of the essential. His projects are rooted in a responsible approach deeply concerned by the reliability and sustainability of its creations.

Additional information

Weight 38,58 lbs
Dimensions 14,57 x 14,57 x 14,57 in

, ,




 Need more?

More details Storage Space: 12.59''L x 14.57''W x 12.59''H
Technical description Glass fiber reinforced concrete
EAN - UPC Code 3760195860724
Color Light Grey
Finishing Natural Concrete Look
Assembly instructions https://www.lyon-beton.com/ai/D-09172.pdf
Concrete magazine rack

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