dice Hi-Fi

the concrete storage solution in high fidelity

When we asked designer Alexandre Dubreuil to come up with a modular storage system for vinyl record collections, we weren’t sure what we’d get. share

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at En Attendant Septembre

Our favorite store specialized in natural wines.

In this beautiful sunny Friday, we went for a walk in our neighborhood of the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. We visited Didier in his wine store En Attendant Septembre to take pictures of our concrete chair collection : Hauteville. Of course, we took the opportunity to buy a nice bottle. A Ventoux 2015, Le Clos… View Article

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at Yann

Welcome to Yann's apartment, a brillant architect and a friend of us.

Our friend and architect Yann let us invade his modern and vintage interior design apartment for a short shoot of some of our concrete furniture and fixtures. share

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You’re in the bathroom.


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