Unexpected flexibility and comfort

Design Julie Legros / Henri Lavallard Boget

A successfull urban quest

It was during an urban exploration that we found in the attic of a disused sanitarium a 50’s resin shell.

Initially, with no intention of sales, we wanted to experiment reinforced concrete with fiberglass. Image thoughtless and impulsive. Play with material is tough: corrosive and concrete splinters, scratches and aches. Experimenting is playing the alchemist and become the father of oddities called failures. But sometimes it leads to great discoveries. The raw material, the gray matter. The material of building. This first intuitive prototype suffered a lot to validate its strength in the long term: exaggerated weight and generous bodies, brutalities and hazardous equilibrium, thermal shock from frost to furnace.

The starting point of a unique collection

This sophisticated chair rethinks classic mid-century design with a bold statement on modern materials and techniques.

Since this first creation with Julie Legros, Henri Lavallard Boget and Lyon Béton have worked closely together to make the Hauteville’s chair market ready.

The inside part of the seat is very smooth and comfortable. But it’s when you touch the back of the chair or the rebar legs that you know that the raw creative intention has been preserved.

The Hauteville Chair is now an extended family with bar and counter chairs, armchairs and even a rocking chair.

Have a sit.

Give a sophisticated and industrial touch…

…to your indoor

…or your outdoor

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