What makes our concrete furniture unique

Our concrete recipe

We can’t give you our secrete recipe, but like every concrete, our blend is made of water, sand and cement. It’s the quantity of each element that make our concrete unique.

We also add a pinch of fiberglass to make our concrete lighter and more resistant. Some of our products are reinforced with rebars and/or a wire mesh.

Concrete furniture fabrication process

The unique finishing of our concrete furniture

You can be sure that when you buy a Lyon Béton product you get plain and real concrete. No concrete-like resin, or worst, a piece of wood painted with faux concrete paint. We found 100% flat and smooth concrete very boring. So you will always find visible pores and micro-cracks on our concrete furniture and accessories because we love concrete like this. But we have little tricks to give it a soft and warm touch.

The first step is to choose carefully the material for our molds depending on the aspect we want to find at the end of the process. And we always double check that the molds are clean before each usage.

When the concrete is well dried (and believe us it’s a very important step of the process), it’s time to work on the finishes.

We apply a very meticulous and fine sanding on the surface to get the unique soft and warm touch of our concrete furnitures and accessories.

Protection and care of our concrete furniture

After that they are protected with an oil and water repellent treatment to make them life proof (even if you’ve got kids!). This treatment is not eternal. If you want to preserve it, wash your concrete furniture with a soft and clean cloth without acids or solvents. If you really want to protect your concrete furniture you should renew this protection from time to time. We recommend specific product like the Lithofin NanoTop.

But some of our clients like to see their concrete furniture aged with time and they don’t protect them at all. So, it’s up to you.

Concrete magazine rack

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