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Shooting sessions

January 06, 2023

Curb coffee table at Evol

The Curb concrete coffee table pictured at Studio Evol

We recently took benefit of the hospitality offered by the design and communication agency Studio Evol to take pictures of the concrete, metal and wood dining table Sharp by the designer Bertand Jayr. And while we were at it, we also brought another piece of furniture from the same designer: the Curb concrete coffee table. […]

Concrete and hybrid glass cabinet between a coffee table and an extra table


July 09, 2022


Lyon Béton and designer Bertrand Jayr have teamed up once more to bring you Strut, a multi-use table that’s a hybrid of a gueridon and a coffee table. The glass tabletop crosscuts the concrete pedestal, creating a stage for showstopping decorative items and other objets d’art.


July 05, 2022

Lyon béton furniture at DEMATHIEU BARD


Founded in 1861 in Lorraine, France, DEMATHIEU BARD is today one of the main French players in the construction and real estate development sector. The company is recognized for its technical expertise and its savoir-faire, particularly in the field of complex constructions and engineering structures in France and abroad. In December 2021, DEMATHIEU BARD brings […]


June 29, 2022


The perspective collection has a very straight forward design: a concrete layer on top of a steel structure. We chose a raw look & feel but the execution is of a handcrafted finesse that can be seen at first sight. The legs are available in two finishes: transparent matte varnish for a raw style or velvet black epoxy paint for […]


June 29, 2022


Our twist collection, which consists of a concrete coffee table and a concrete side table, tells the story of a harmonious juxtaposition of form and material, inertia and motion.


June 29, 2022


Here at Lyon Béton, when we think of bistro tables, we think of those world-renowned Parisian cafés. Like the Procope, the first rightful Parisian café, where Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and Montesquieu got lost in thought and where, later, Danton, Marat and Robespierre started the French Revolution.

Detail of the Art Deco frieze - Bauhaus Style of the Curb concrete coffee table


June 29, 2022


Gourmets of design love to be surprised by details. Furniture of the Curb collection can’t be taken in with just one glance. Each of their faces is unique and impacts differently the scenography of your interior.

Tips & Tricks

June 05, 2022

Your lounge chair sidekick

The concrete side table with a rotating top that will follow you everywhere.

The concrete side table with a rotating top that will follow you everywhere You already know that the coffee table and side table from the twist collection with their metal swivel tops are the perfect companions for your sofa. You may not know that the gueridon is perfectly suited for outdoor use too. It becomes […]


April 29, 2022


This is the monobloc collection, with a minimalist design of a single concrete block for functional use. It will effortlessly enhance your decoration with a touch of raw, industrial and modernist design.

Shooting sessions

November 02, 2020

Donut Bistro tables at Le Commerce

Photoshoot of concrete bistro tables at le commerce.

It’s Wednesday, September 30th, and we’ve got an appointment at Le Commerce, a swanky bar in Lyon’s 7th arrondissement. Those who follow us know, it’s our favorite part of town. Our mission: to photograph our new bistro table collection. It’s the big day, and at last, we get to unveil Donut, a collection of 3 bistro […]