Bertrand Jayr

“Between art and design, there is only one step.”

According to Bertrand Jayr, there is a correlation between these disciplines separated, but related at times. This is precisely by transgressing its own limits that Art redefines it self constantly redefines. This how this young artist and designer Lyon considers both practices simultaneously. An innovative and meaningful design, conciliating creativeness and use.

Graduated from the School of Applied Art of Lyon in 2004, between a bachelor degree and «Ecole des Beaux-Arts» he did a 4 years training in Architecture and Interior Design which will enable it subsequently to sharpen this cross artistic vision.

Bertrand Jayr likes to make objects speak. Steeped in Conceptual Art, it is often the intention that dictates its approach. Sensitive to his artistic approach and seduced by the quality of its plastic and semantic work, Lyon Beton begins, to open its production to more purpose and meaning, by doing a collaboration with the artist. Thus, bringing poetry, humor and uniqueness to objects that are, in most cases, are devoid of it. But its experience, Lyon Beton offers the designer the opportunity to make his creations exist in ensuring proper development without betraying the point.

Lyon Beton and Bertrand Jayr are already planning to continue this collaboration and they have not said their last word in design!

Le Bocal LTD

The collective « Le Bocal LTD » began to screen print our concrete lamps. When we told them about our project of concrete canvas , they could not resist to imagine poetic and graphic illustrations for this unusual material!

Le Bocal LTD is a creative studio and a gallery space based in Lyon, showing a sharp selection of exhibitions in the field of graphic arts. LTD stands for Lucie Albon+ Tian Keu + Delphine Perret.

They’ve been working on their own projects for 10 years, as authors and illustrators for publishing and magazines (Editions Gallimard, Editions Glénat, Editions Autrement, Elle magazine, Têtu mag…)

They work on narratives images, illustrated books or comic books. Their books have been translated in several languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, Russian. They’ve participated in artist-in-residence programs and animated workshops in Japan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Belarus and Russia.

They regularly collaborate together, mixing their graphics and combining their individual creative processes.

Crew Birdy Kids

An artistic adventure born in Lyon

The first performances of the bird Birdy Kids appear as graffitis in the late 80s.
The collective made ​​Lyon’s motorways its playground, taking advantage of vast tracts of virgin concrete and claiming the potential number of daily views. With an attendance of around 300,000 vehicles per day on the motorway network in Greater Lyon stands out as an strategic location. The ubiquity of the group around these pillars quickly confers radiation over the entire region.

Originally regarded as a degradation of public space, the representations of the playful and tart bird quickly became the attraction of Lyon’s motorists and are   the only graffiti spared by the town cleaning service department.

Going against the current, the collective Birdy Kids shines his art above all by highlighting color and claims the lack of militant thought back or any messages. During a recent interview, the answer given by the group on the topic was: “Having spent more than 20 years of our lives playing  cat and mouse with the police while our only  purpose is to provide color and pleasure to people, is already a message in itself “.

Lyon Béton offers the Crew Birdy Kids a new support for their creations. The first printed concrete frames were revealed to the french public during an exhibition in 2014.

Among the first artists to have been seduced by this new medium, the crew Birdy Kids uses our concrete boards for all their recent shows. A selection of photos and illustrations of their works printed on concrete boards are now available to customers of Lyon Beton.

Atelier HLB

A praise of the raw material, the shell construction, concrete and rebar. Refined by a technicality increasingly sophisticated, the Hauteville chair is a contemporary image of the chair of the 50’s. It offers unexpected flexibility and confort.

An unexpected rendez-vous

It was during an urban exploration that we found in the attic of a disused sanitarium a 50’s resin shell. Initially, with no intention of marketing, we used it to experiment reinforced concrete with fiberglass.

Initially, with no intention of sales, we wanted to experiment reinforced concrete with fiberglass. Image thoughtless and impulsive. Play with material is tough: corrosive and concrete splinters, scratches and aches. Experimenting is playing the alchemist and become the father of oddities called failures. But sometimes it leads to great discoveries. The raw material, the gray matter. The material of building. This first intuitive prototype suffered a lot to check its strength in the long term: exaggerated weight and generous bodies, brutalities and hazardous equilibrium, thermal shock from frost to furnace.

It was at the ID d’Art fair in Lyon in early April 2014, that we met the Lyon Béton crew for the first time. Atelier HLB was in a lousy corner because the place here was cheaper. Lyon Béton was in the spotlight of the main entrance. By luck, a first contact was initiated and we quickly had our first meeting in Lyon Béton’s office. Welcomed by realistic resin models, we felt a family resemblance with this compagny. Nervous affections and sympathies. Various characters collide, there is electricity in the air. We felt that everyone was ready to pull up their socks to legitimate concrete as a furniture material, without any prostitution. That was crystal clear. The proposal was not to work for them in a hierarchical supervision, but rather to invest ourself in this homely excitement.

Since this meeting, Atelier HLB and Lyon Béton have worked closely together to make the Hauteville’s chair market ready.
They’ve also extended the Hauteville’s family with bar and counter chairs, armchairs and even a rocking chair.

More collaborations to come…

Concrete magazine rack

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