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Brutalist detail of the concrete foot of the Sharp dining table by designer Bertrand Jayr
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November 24, 2023

Retreat by Darlene Molnar

Our Hauteville concrete bar stools in a modern yet warm project

For this villa overlooking the wide Patuxent River in Maryland, interior designer Darlene Molnar assumes a very modern style while combining it with furniture coming from or inspired by the Midcentury period. our concrete bar stools It’s not a surprise to find here our concrete bar stools from the Hauteville collection that by themselves incarnate […]


September 17, 2023


Our concrete furniture on exhibit at Papotte, probably the most stylistic vacation complex in France

PAPOTTE is located in the heart of a restored 15th-century mill in Burgundy, France. Papotte’s 4 uniquely charming vacation houses can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or 15 people in a magnificent natural environment. Papotte hasn’t stopped there to ensure you have a dream stay, and offers a total experience in their universe. A café that […]


June 03, 2023

Berkshire Residence

Spatial poetry and advanced building science to bring back the childhood memories of the inhabitants.

The Brooklyn-based architecture studio Of Possible, designs a beautiful construction for a very structured program. The house is located in rural Sheffield, Massachusetts, among the wooded hills of the Berkshires. A region where Appalachian wilderness and historic colonial towns coexist. The program sponsors grew up on the property in an old colonial house that had […]


January 06, 2023

Our most impressive installation of modular concrete cubes so far

Dice at Helen of Troy Lausanne

Last October, Helen of Troy, the global consumer products company, inaugurated its new office for their Europe and Middle East headquarters. They are located near Lausanne, Switzerland in a new kind of office building created by QoQa: the QG center. The interior designer commissioned by Helen of Troy fell in love with our DICE modular […]

Restaurant of The People Hostel Marais, with its toilets equipped with our


November 09, 2022

The People opens a new address in Paris. Guess who equipped the toilets?

Small clouds in the Marais, Paris

Après Bercy, Nation et Belleville, c’est dans le Marais que The People ouvre son quatrième établissement hybride parisien qui brouille les frontières entre hôtel, auberge de jeunesse, bar et restaurant. 400 lits répartis en dortoirs, chambres doubles et chambres familles. complété par un bar, restaurant à la future programmation festive sur 700 m² : le […]


October 24, 2022

Our Dice concrete cubes in a beautifully streamlined environment.

Dice at Zoe

In the Haussmannian apartment of Zoé, art director in Paris, the obvious dominant color is white, enhanced by a beautiful parquet floor that brings warmth and sparing touches of black for contrast. Zoé is passionate about beautiful objects that she knows how to marry with taste. She manages to make the periods cohabit in a […]


October 24, 2022

Dice modular storage cubes at Retrofutur, the HiFi specialist in Lyon.

Dice at Retrofutur

Since September 2022, our modular concrete cube storage system Dice is visible and available at Retrofutur in Lyon (and soon in Paris). Retrofutur is the specialist of acoustic products that you can test in store: connected speakers, sound furniture, portable players, headphones, turntables, amplifiers… Their selection is obviously based on the audio qualities of the […]


October 06, 2022

François Pompon's polar bear in Lego bricks on a concrete frame Frag by M'Brick, enhanced by Benn.

François Pompon on Frag feat. M’Brick & Benn

For the 100th anniversary of the creation of François Pompon’s polar bear, the artist M’Brick, known for his amazing works made with Lego pieces, set himself the challenge of creating 100 paintings representing the famous polar bear. For these collages in the street, the Lego bricks are glued directly on the walls, notably on the […]


July 05, 2022


Lyon béton furniture at DEMATHIEU BARD

Founded in 1861 in Lorraine, France, DEMATHIEU BARD is today one of the main French players in the construction and real estate development sector. The company is recognized for its technical expertise and its savoir-faire, particularly in the field of complex constructions and engineering structures in France and abroad. In December 2021, DEMATHIEU BARD brings […]