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Brutalist detail of the concrete foot of the Sharp dining table by designer Bertrand Jayr
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Bertrand Jayr

“Between art and design, there is only one step.”

According to Bertrand Jayr, there is a transversality linking these disciplines that are both distinct and related. It is precisely by transgressing its own limits that Art constantly redefines itself. This is how this artist and designer from Lyon considers these two practices simultaneously. An innovative and meaningful design, reconciling creativity and use.

Graduated from the School of Applied Art of the city of Lyon in 2004, between BTS and Fine Arts, he studies Interior Architecture and Design for 4 years, which will allow him to sharpen this transversal artistic vision.

Bertrand Jayr enjoys making objects talk. Strongly influenced by conceptual art, it is often the intention that dictates his approach.

Sensitive to his artistic approach and seduced by the plastic and semantic quality of his work, Lyon Béton undertakes a collaboration with the artist. Thus, bringing poetry, humor and singularity to objects which are, most often, devoid of them.

Lyon Béton, through its know-how and experience, offers the designer the opportunity to make his creations exist, ensuring their proper development without betraying their purpose.

Lyon Beton and Bertrand Jayr already plan to continue this collaboration and have not said their last words in terms of design!

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