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Brutalist detail of the concrete foot of the Sharp dining table by designer Bertrand Jayr
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Tips & Tricks

September 22, 2023

Flat Screen and Concrete TV Stand: Should You Place It on Top or Mount It on the Wall? 2 solutions

Flat screen and TV unit

When you’re setting up your living room, especially if you’re still in the construction phase, it’s essential to consider the placement of your flat screen and concrete TV stand. There are two main options: placing your flat screen on top of the TV stand or mounting it above. Each of these approaches has its advantages […]

Tips & Tricks

September 15, 2023

Our 5 Concrete TV Stands for Your Living Room: Raw and Timeless Design

Our TV Stands for Your Living Room

Our Styles of Concrete TV Stands You’re familiar with our design principles: drawing inspiration from architecture, understanding material constraints to use them intelligently, and adding that special touch that sets us apart. Add to that the talent and personality of the designers we collaborate with, and you get TV stands made of concrete (but not […]


May 22, 2023

Neo Beton Exhibition

The opening, at Sofffa

A look back at the opening night of the NÉO BÉTON EXHIBITION. This exhibition mounted in partnership with Sofffa honors artists who have worked on our concrete supports in the line of abstraction, geometry and optical art while creating a bridge between the aestheticism of graffiti and contemporary abstract art. It was a bit crowded […]


January 06, 2023

Dice at Helen of Troy Lausanne

Our most impressive installation of modular concrete cubes so far

Last October, Helen of Troy, the global consumer products company, inaugurated its new office for their Europe and Middle East headquarters. They are located near Lausanne, Switzerland in a new kind of office building created by QoQa: the QG center. The interior designer commissioned by Helen of Troy fell in love with our DICE modular […]

Restaurant of The People Hostel Marais, with its toilets equipped with our


November 09, 2022

Small clouds in the Marais, Paris

The People opens a new address in Paris. Guess who equipped the toilets?

Après Bercy, Nation et Belleville, c’est dans le Marais que The People ouvre son quatrième établissement hybride parisien qui brouille les frontières entre hôtel, auberge de jeunesse, bar et restaurant. 400 lits répartis en dortoirs, chambres doubles et chambres familles. complété par un bar, restaurant à la future programmation festive sur 700 m² : le […]


October 24, 2022

Dice at Zoe

Our Dice concrete cubes in a beautifully streamlined environment.

In the Haussmannian apartment of Zoé, art director in Paris, the obvious dominant color is white, enhanced by a beautiful parquet floor that brings warmth and sparing touches of black for contrast. Zoé is passionate about beautiful objects that she knows how to marry with taste. She manages to make the periods cohabit in a […]


October 24, 2022

Dice at Retrofutur

Dice modular storage cubes at Retrofutur, the HiFi specialist in Lyon.

Since September 2022, our modular concrete cube storage system Dice is visible and available at Retrofutur in Lyon (and soon in Paris). Retrofutur is the specialist of acoustic products that you can test in store: connected speakers, sound furniture, portable players, headphones, turntables, amplifiers… Their selection is obviously based on the audio qualities of the […]


October 19, 2022


Tips & Tricks

July 07, 2022

Dice Hifi

Dice, the ultimate storage solution for hi-fi sound systems and LPs.

When we asked our designer Alexandre Dubreuil to come up with a modular storage system capable of housing our vinyl record collections, we couldn’t have imagined the result. He went above and beyond by creating a system featuring two modules, each with an internal height of 32 cm (12.5”, perfect for storing our precious LPs). […]


July 02, 2022


Designed with care by Alexandre Dubreuil, DICE lets you create custom concrete home furnishings as easily as if you were stacking Lego bricks (big Lego bricks).


June 29, 2022


You’ve carefully curated you’re interior decor. Don’t ruin it with ho-hum shelves. So long, ugly brackets The beauty of sliced concrete shelves comes from its simplicity: a well-proportioned cuboid made of raw material that speaks for itself. We didn’t want to spoil that simple design with brackets, so we put our heads together and came […]

Cloud shaped shelf to store your toilet paper rolls in a poetic and original style


June 29, 2022


Cloud is more than a storage solution; it’s an installation that brings a little fresh air to the places that need it the most. Designed by artist Bertrand Jayr, this concrete shelf celebrates toilet paper’s unique shape by lifting your spare rolls up off the ground and out from under the sink, cradling your T.P. […]


April 29, 2022


This is the monobloc collection, with a minimalist design of a single concrete block for functional use. It will effortlessly enhance your decoration with a touch of raw, industrial and modernist design.

Our concrete storage furniture

It may surprise many people, but concrete is a great material to make storage furniture for indoor and outdoor use. At Lyon béton we have made it our mission to prove this with elegance, so you will understand that you can have a concrete storage unit far from the clichés of industrial or brutalist looks, even if these are styles we like too.

The rooms of the house for a concrete storage unit

Let’s see it right away and in detail: concrete storage furniture and especially ours can be used in any room of your house. Especially thanks to our system of concrete cubes that allow you to create bespoke pieces of furniture.

Our modular concrete cube system to create bespoke concrete storage furniture

Our Dice collection is composed of concrete cubes that fit together like Lego® bricks thanks to a clever system of counter shapes and rubber connectors. These elements are complemented by wooden legs and boards.

With this system, you can create your bespoke piece of furniture by assembling the concrete and wood modules as you wish.

Learn more about the Dice modular system for creating concrete storage units

Concrete TV cabinets

One of our customers’ favorite pieces of furniture to make with the Dice collection is a custom or near-custom concrete TV stand. But we also have other TV benches in the collection of concrete furniture called monobloc.

See all our concrete TV stands

Read our articles about concrete TV stands

Concrete shelves

If you are looking for a concrete shelf with an invisible mounting system, you have come to the right place. We believe we are the only ones to offer floating concrete shelves. We offer 4 sizes of shelves: 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm. Their mineral and minimalist style goes everywhere and yet has personality: bathroom, kitchen, living room for hanging frames…

See the Sliced concrete shelves collection

Concrete bookcases

With our Dice concrete cube system, we offer two bookcases that combine wood and concrete

But you can also compose your own library with only stackable concrete cubes or by combining them with wooden boards or any other material.


Concrete and wood sideboards

Still with our Dice concrete cubes system, and in a more Scandinavian style we wanted to contribute to the revival of the enfilade. This low storage unit, very fashionable in the 50’s until the 70’s, deserves to be updated with concrete.

Likewise, the small sideboard is a piece of furniture that is coming back into fashion. Our concrete alternative should seduce you.

Discover our concrete sideboards

Specialized hi-fi furniture in concrete

You know what makes a great piece of furniture for your hi-fi equipment to have better acoustic performance? A mixture of hard and soft materials. This absorbs vibrations and improves the sound. Our Dice concrete cubes, which fit together with rubber connectors, meet this requirement perfectly. And to top it off, the internal height of the cubes allows you to store your vinyl record collection. Thank you who?

Find out why the Dice concrete cube collection is the perfect solution for making a storage unit for your Hi-Fi.

Concrete log storage

Here is a use that is not often talked about because it is a use that is shunned by designers: the log storage. 

Concrete is very good for this: solid and aesthetic, our Dice concrete cubes make perfect log storage units to put around your stove.

Concrete side tables

For the side tables or accent tables in concrete, we have several models.

A very atypical model that includes a glass bowl that can be used to put plants, candy, decorations or whatever you have in mind. This is the concrete side table from the Curb collection.

As for designer Alexandre Dubreuil, he offers a side table model with a concrete ballast and a metal swivel top with adjustable height in his Twist collection. Beautifully modern and super practical.

Concrete night tables or bedside tables

We don’t make concrete nightstands per se. But our concrete side tables make great nightstands.

Of course, a clever stacking of a few Dice concrete cubes will also do very well.

Concrete bathroom furniture

It’s not often thought of, but because our concrete furniture is factory treated with a water and oil repellent solution, it can be used as open bathroom storage.

Again, our dice modular concrete cube system will allow you to create your bespoke piece of furniture.

The concrete shelves from the sliced collection will look great with a few beauty products, a candle or a tooth glass.


Concrete storage units, a sustainable choice

No need to tell you again, our concrete storage units, like all our concrete furniture, are built to last. If you take a little care of it, it will outlast you. And because their style is timeless, you’ll never get tired of them. No more disposable furniture fads.